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Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu is the tastiest most tender beef in the world, it is not for nothing that it is called Imperial Beef. Japanese Wagyu is recognizable for it's high fat percentage, making the meat more tender and giving extra taste to the meat. The meat is graded on this and gets a grade from 1 through 5 but Japanese Wagyu is always grade 3 or higher.

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American Black Angus Beef

When you think of steaks, you think of America. Our Black Angus beef comes from the United States, specifically Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. The cattle there are free to roam the enormous ranches of the Mid-West and are fed a corn based diet. Creekstone's Black Angus is meat of the highest quality, with their own production line they can guarantee quality and consistency.

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Stone Axe Australian Wagyu

Stone Axe Wagyu comes from Australia and is beef which cattle originate from Japan, specifically the Hyogo prefecture. The cattle was imported to Australia and are now being bred and fed there. This beef is much like Japanese wagyu but gives an extra bit of taste, coming from the vast open spaces in which the cattle live.

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Nice to Meat International also offers a lot of other, different meat. From grassfed Uruguayan Puro beef to Dry Aged beef, we offer a lot of different styles and sorts of beef. Dry Age is a special way of preparing meat: the meat is put in a specially designed cage, where the meat is ripened, giving extra taste to the beef.

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Anuga 2023

This year we will be heading to Anuga in Cologne which will be taking place from Satuday the 7th of October until Wednesday the 11th of October. At Anuga we will put our meat on show and let everyone, who wants to, taste our products. We are very excited to meet everyone and we are very proud to show our products. We will have our own stand and later details will follow.

We hope we will see you there!

Who we are

We are Nice to Meat International, located in the Netherlands, Almere. The flexible and dedicated team of Nice to Meat International is managed by Patrick Pouw. Our aim is to select and deliver meat products with outstanding taste and quality. Therefore we always purchase our products directly from the source. We prefer to do business direct with cattle farmers or factories around the world.

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"Our aim is to select and deliver meat with outstanding taste and quality"


What we do

We import meat mainly from Japan, USA and Australia. We have a selection of the world's finest meat. Our clients can rely on carefully tested quality of all meat products and the utmost hygienic processing conditions according to HACCP certification-rules. We export these products in particular within Europe.

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