Japanese Wagyu

Imperial Beef

We have wagyu beef from all over Japan, with gradation A3-A5+. Wagyu beef originated from Japan and has a long history. The cattle in Japan were mostly used for agricultural work and not for eating. This cattle did not breed with other species because of the isolation of Japan throughout the centuries. Japanese started eating beef after the emperor allowed it and ate it publicly. Since then the Japanese began caring more about the meat and bred the best cows for their marbling. And now we can enjoy that beef worldwide.
A map of Japan with the prefectures highlighted where the farms of our Japanes wagyu lie
The different farms deliver different kinds of meat (although the difference is little), because there is a difference in the surroundings. These differences are not very big and preference deviates from person to person.
These farms are all under the Ja-Zen Noh brand, a company in the food industry of Japan. Soon we will be able to announce that we also have meat from Tochigi in our selection. We are very excited to add this meat to our assortment.
Our meat comes from farms in: 
Gifu (HIDA)
In the process of grading the carcass
Japanese wagyu has a grading system to define the fat percentage, the higher the grade, the more fat. This means the beef will be more tender. The meat is graded after slaughter with a grade from 1 through 12, this corresponds with a grade from 1 through 5+. This grading is more commonly used and is what we use.
A higher grade does not immediatly mean better meat (the meat is always good ;), it just says something about the fat percentage. This will effect the tenderness of the meat, which is a factor for good meat but it is more dependent of someone's taste.
Gradation strip showing how the gradation of Japanese wagyu works
A scale of wagyu gradation with pictures