American Black Angus Beef

When you think of steaks you think of America. The best meat for American steaks comes from Creekstone Farms in the state of Kansas. Creekstone farms select its beef cattle from the best ranches in the Midwest, where the purebred Black Angus graze in the open field. Black Angus beef is some of the most popular and highest quality beef in the world. Black Angus cattle originate from Scotland in the 19th century and are derived from the Aberdeen Angus. After a few cows were exported to the United States they were mixed with Longhorns. Black Angus beef is special for their high marbling, this makes the beef more tender and tastier.
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Creekstone Farms

Our American Black Angus beef comes from the Creekstone Farms located in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma in America. There the cattle can graze on the vast ranches from the farmers under the Creekstone brand. Creekstone beef is very tasty beef from Non Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC quality), and from Black Angus cattle. The Black Angus cattle get a diet of yellow corn for at least the last one hundred days. This gives the Black Angus beef extra taste and keeps the quality of the meat consistent.

Highest quality

Only one in one hundred Black Angus cattle meet the same standard as the cattle from Creekstone Farms. The beef also undergoes a gradation after the slaughter, where it will be graded on their veining. Then the beef either gets a Prime or Choice classification, with Prime being the highest quality. On average, just 3% achieve this classification; 30% is classified as Choice and 60% is classified as Select. Through careful selection, Nice to Meat International's US beef scores significantly better, with 30% Prime, 60% Choice and only 10% Select.

Creekstone steaks

"Creekstone: Best cornfed Black Angus in the world"


"Hilton Beef"

This meat is classified as Natural Beef in the USA, similar to an "organic" or "eco" classification in the EU. Since Hilton Hotels was the first chain to import US beef into Europe, it is still referred to as "Hilton beef" on the import licence. The name stands for freshly imported beef of the very highest quality. Our US beef comes from small, independent ranchers who satisfy the strict standards set by the US Department of Agriculture and the European Commission. Our selected suppliers were the only ones to have a license to export to the European Union in 1999.