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Nice to Meat International is a close team working together to maintain the highest level of quality.

Who we are

Our Team

Profile photo Patrick
Patrick Pouw
Ingrid van Egmond
Senior Sales Executive
Profile photo Rüdiger
Rüdiger Brümmer
Senior Sales Executive
+ 49 151465 28974
Profile photo Kin
Kin van Dijk
Office Executive
+31 (0)36-5359206
Jaïra Klaver
Warehouse Executive
Profile photo Tijl
Tijl Pouw
+31 (0)36-5359206

Our TV Chef

Rüdiger Brümmer who is a Senior Sales Executive at Nice to Meat International was a chef for some of the best restraunts in Germany before for Marriott, Ramada and Accor. Adding to this amount of expertise, Rüdiger is also a Fleisch Sommelier. He acquired the title in 2019 and is the only Fleisch Sommelier working in the Netherlands.

Rüdiger also appears on television in Germany for Hamburg 1 with his program "Die Grillerei". Together with Hauke Grant Rüdiger shows how to grill meat to perfection and marinate it deliciously.