Australian Stone Axe Wagyu

Stone Axe wagyu is meat from Japanese cattle in Australia and has been the Australian wagyu champion for two years in the running. This meat is one of the most tastiest types of meat in the world. This style of beef finds it's origin in Hyōgo prefecture, Japan. The cattle is specially bred for marbling and is a special strain of the Japanese black cattle: Tajima. This breed was imported to Australia by Stone Axe and there Stone Axe kept it's cattle pure. 
Stone Axe T-Bone

Because of the pure 100% Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu genetics the meat has maintained it's taste and marbling. Nice to Meat International was the first company to introduce wagyu to Europe, being the sole importers for a period of time. This meat is also graded, here called a chilled assessment process to determine the level of marbling, the meat colour, fat colour and eye muscle area. This is graded by an Ausmeat (the governing body of meat in Australia) certified grader.
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